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Monday, January 10, 2011

Snug in the hoop house

It's Monday morning at 8am on this cold, blustery day.

The hoop house is snug as a bug with it's sleeping bag covering and light bulb burning bright.  It's 39.0 degrees in there right now and climbing!

Outside... well... that's another story!  My truck said 5 degrees F about 10 minutes ago.  And... it feels like there's a wind chill going on out there!

The Little Hoop House that Could... continues to SURVIVE despite the cold winter temperatures here in northern Wyoming!


  1. I'm a florida girl and I can't even imagine temps like you are having. I am impressed by your hoop house.

  2. Good morning Char! Thanks for stopping by! It's pretty cold today! Thank you... it's a fun experiement!

  3. It's been cold here in Nebraska as well. This morning it was in the single digits with more snow. We have been having a multi day storm. I'm sure you are getting some of it as well. It's supposed to end tomorrow with a total accumulation of around 9 inches of snow. Because it fell over the course of three days the road crews have the roads in great shape. School resumes again tomorrow. My grandson finally got to play in the snow. Being from Texas, he hasn't seen a lot of snow. We still haven't been sledding but that on the agenda for tomorrow.

    Have a great hoop day.

  4. Toni,

    Wow!! I can't believe that anything can grow in WY this time of year! Do you use these year round? We moved up from OK last year and tried raise bed gardens with limited success. A friend told us the only way to count on a garden here is with a greenhouse.

    Can you tell me what materials you use for your hoop houses?


    Marsha in WY

  5. Go hoop house!! How awesome that it's so much warmer!

  6. Hi Marsha! Where are you in Wyoming? We're at 4000 feet so we have a pretty good growing season.

    Do you have Mel's square foot gardening book? He talks about how to cover your beds.

    Supplies to cover my little 4x4 sfg bed:
    2 foot rebar (one for each corner)
    2 pvc plumber's pipes
    a box of clear plastic (don't remember the gauge)
    All available at Lowes or your local lumber yard.

    -I banged the rebar into the ground at each corner leaving a good 5 or so inches above ground. The ground is so hard here I had to use a sledge hammer!
    -Next I formed like a pop tent over the 4x4 bed by criss crossing two pvc pipes over the bed and putting the ends over the rebar.
    -Take the clear plastic and make a cover over the bed!

    Inside the hoop house I have a light strung down in the center. On the very cold north and west walls I put pieces of styrofoam to help block some of the cold.

    When we had that really cold frigid weather (like we're having again NOW) I decided to put a sleeping bag over the hoop house to help keep the warmth in.

    Now it stays above 20 all the time in my little hoop house! This is an experiment for me to see how long thru this cold Wyoming winter I can keep my cold hardy greens alive! So far... so good!

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