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Saturday, January 8, 2011

A Peek inside the Hoop House 1/8/11

It's a beautiful sun-filled day here in northern Wyoming with temps heading into the low 30s!

I'm just back in from opening up "The Little Hoop House that Could."  As I lifted the plastic I got a blast of warm air and smelled the rich aroma of dirt and growing things!  I gave the plants a good watering.

The plastic covering will remain pulled up over the pvc support piping this afternoon while the weather is warm and sunny.

Want to peek inside?


  1. Wow-what a sunset on your header photo---nice job!!
    And Toni, I sure wish you could bottle up some of that earthy smell and ship it my way. I miss that smell.......I used to have a greenhouse many years ago, and LOVED to go in it in January--just to smell.
    Your greens are looking good-I can't believe you're really keeping them going!

  2. Thanks for the peek. Don't you just luv the smell of things growing? I could stand in a greenhouse for hours and do nothing but inhale.


  3. Everything looks great. Getting any groceries out of it yet?

  4. Oh how fun Toni!! What a beautiful sky too!! Still gettin the green =) I love it!!! That really takes a lot of heart as well as hard work and a green thumb indeed!! Thanks So Much for Sharing!!!

  5. Your little hoop house is completely inspiring! Which means that YOU are inspiring because you make the hoop house successful with your diligent effort. Thank you for the peeks and for the inspiration. In January, in SE Idaho it's a beautiful thing!

  6. Hi Genene! So glad you stopped by! You kind words warmed my heart! It's fun opening up the hoop house and seeing green! I find that at this time of year I really begin to crave "green."


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