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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Growing... inside.. a report on sprouts and micro greens

Hello gardening friends!

It's another below zero day here in northern Wyoming, -2 degrees F as I write this post at 9:30am.  The dog is desperate to go for a walk... sigh...  She just doesn't understand that mommy will freeze out there!
But tomorrow is a new day... bringing with it... warmer temperatures!!!  I mean like a heat wave, well, practically!  It's going to get into the 30s!

Hoop House Report...
The hoop house is staying toasty even with the double digit below zero temperatures!  The coldest it got inside the hoop house last night was 30.5 degrees... that's not too bad!

Right now the hoop house is up to 43.7 degrees and will get warmer as the sun shines!  Yesterday, even though it was -5 below, the hoop house got up to the 60s because of the sunshine!

Growing Inside: Sprouts & Micro greens...
My husband got me a seed sprouter for Christmas!  It came with 3 trays for seed sprouting.  These are the kind of sprouts that you eat!

Yesterday I heated up some left over vegetable, beef, and barley soup and tossed bunches of sprouts on top.  It was delicious!!!  The sprouts were crunchy and so fresh tasting!

On Saturday, I took 3 pie tins, poked holes in the bottoms... put in a little soil... watered... and added a thick layer of (2010) seeds (beets, bok choy, and carrots).  And... they've ALREADY sprouted!!!

When my micro greens are 3 to 4 inches tall, I will harvest the tender shoots for salads, on top of sandwiches, and for green smoothies!
3 tray seed sprouter... you eat these sprouts! 
Here's some sprouts that are ready to enjoy!

This is my "inside" greenhouse!  I'm growing micro greens.

I took leftover pie plates from the holidays, poked little holes in the bottoms, put them on old plates, filled each with soil... and sprinkled heavily with seeds.

these carrot micro greens are beginning to sprout!

these boy choy seeds sprouted really fast.  Wonder why I couldn't get them to sprout in my garden last year?  I was thinking that the seed was "bad."

the beet micro greens are just beginning to sprout.


  1. What a magnificent sprouter. I might have to get me one. I definitely like your inside greenhouse. I have been having thoughts about an inside station to grow plants for the garden. Your inside greenhouse has inspired me to pursue those thoughts a little more.

    Have a great sprouting day.

  2. I thought that carrot tops were poisonous. Is it okay to eat them as microgreens?

  3. Oh wow, look at those sprouts. I've been wanting one of those containers!

  4. Hi Toni, I decided that I better make a comment so that you know that I am still checking in. I can't believe how you have been able to keep growing through this hard winter. Looks great...the house, too. I also wanted to let you know that you can check up on me now, too, because I now have a blog page. It is Check it out sometime. I just talk about all my projects. Shirley


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