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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Filled box 4 with Mel's Mix

I filled box 4 (8" deep) with Mel's Mix this afternoon. Will be planting Yukon Golds and some Red potatoes in this box maybe tomorrow!

Also picked up 6 more bales of peat and 14 1cu' bags of compost. I'm so grateful for my teenage son who helped me unload!!!

So far I have planted in my 4x4 "canning" boxes:
-box 2, Wando Peas
-box 3, Bush Green Beans

Spring Crop in box 1:
Early Peas
Cukes in the north 3 squares


  1. It's been a long time since I read Mel's books, which I adored and put to use with some struggles in our Tucson climate. So I have a question: you are planting many of the same plants in each box, but I thought Mel always mixed them up. I thought - very rusty here - that the reason was to cut down on a bug being able to go from plant to another plant of the same kind.

    Can you help me out with this? Thanks.

  2. Good for you, Toni! Now, you just need the most important part......Trellises! Oh gosh, I'm addicted to trellises, and have 48 running feet of them. Ha! They sure do free up alot of space in the garden, though!

  3. Hi Peg! In his old book published in 1981 (I got a used copy on ebay a few years ago when you first mentioned it to me.) he talks about using full squares when you want enough to can. On page 31 of that book he has this wonderful graph showing how much you can glean from a 4x4 spot... For example: Bush beans, plant 9/square giving you a total of 144 plants... expect to harvest 35#s of beans! More on this in another post!

  4. Hi EG, YES... I've got to track down trellis netting. Where did you find your netting?


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