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Sunday, May 24, 2009

My SFG grows...

I was thinking today how much I'm enjoying all the time that I've spent creating my very first SFG. Must be the creative aspect of it all!

Isn't the process of planting seedlings... then transplanting... or directly planting seeds into the SFG... AMAZING? I love watching those tender plants grow!!!!

I decided to put my SFG in my front yard of our new (still in the finishing stages) home. And it's really taking shape! So far... I have 6 4x4 boxes filled and 1 4x8 filled!

In front of the cottonwood trees on the East/South side, I've placed a 2x2 bed with a Giant Pumpkin plant. I hope to spread the vine around the tree.

I have 3 other Giant Pumpkins to plant, each in their own 2x2 box. I thought that it would be so much fun to see 400-500 pound pumpkins growing across the front of our property... So now I have to decide where they will be placed.

Planned for this week

Build it/Mix it/Fill it
-build 3 more 4x8 boxes **update** DONE 5/25!
-build 3 more 2x2 boxes **update** DONE 5/25!
-build flower beds???
-mix... mix... mix... more of Mel's Mix
-fill remaining boxes
-build trellises

-giant pumpkin plants
-black eyed susans
-daisy plants

I hope to get the rest of my garden planted this week! I'm under the gun to get all this done because the 1st week in June I have to begin tiling bathrooms in our new home!


  1. Hi. Looks like you are very busy. The raised gardens look pretty cool. Nice work!!

  2. Ah, another lover of pumpkins!! How wonderful. Your beds also look really good.

  3. Food production gardening is some of the most rewarding and affirming activities we could choose to do. I sincerely love the time I spend in my gardens - and I love that it contributes to my families financial and physical well being. It's all good!

    Your list is ambitious but your garden seems to really be coming along.

  4. Thanks for your comments Suburban Gardener, Just Jenn, & KitsapFG!

    I so appreciate your words of encouragement! Will stop by your blogs to "see" you!


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