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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Lovely day... got more planting done

You'd never know it was stormy yesterday! It was a perfect sunny day today.

I refilled my wind damaged boxes. The wind took a significant amount of Mel's Mix out of several squares... and about an inch or so off the top off each of my 3 boxes.

My goal this year is to can: peas, green beans, corn, tomato sauce.

Whole 4x4 box...
So today I replanted some of my Wando Peas that were blown away.
Planted a whole 4x4 box with bush beans.

In my box that's mostly spring crops (lettuce, spinach, arugula), I planted Cukes on the north side where my trellis will go (still need to get supplies for that!).

Because of the extreme winds that come by not so often... and the hail storm that usually comes late May... I'm going to make dome tops for protection over the next few weeks. Until then, I have covered my 3 planted boxes... just because...

Also, EG, I took your advice and watered my beds really really good today. Thanks. I'm sure that I wouldn't have lost as much soil if I had given it more water.


  1. ohh how nice :)! about week agow I decide to plant some flowers with my baby 3 years old :)! well today we first find out that they are came out from the ground (LOL Sunflowers) - and in a minute I found that she decided remove them from the pot :)))well she got here lesson not to do it agayn it's bad - and we put them back - we'll what will be :)!
    But it was funn!

  2. Toni - You've been quite busy! Is that 7 boxes I see in the picture? I can many things, and will try salsa, spaghetti sauce, and maybe pickles okra this year (on top of the usual jams and pickles I normally do). I'm glad the idea helped matters with the mix blowing away....

  3. Your boxes look great! You have so many. It makes me want to build some more. I hope nothing else blows away! I normally plant seeds inside and then transplant them as seedlings.

  4. Hi DP! The wind can be really strong here in Wyoming... all around us is pretty wide open... no wind breaks except for the house.

    I have 4 boxes in process... but have 9 waiting for Mel's Mix! Then I want to build some long boxes for my Romas...


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