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Saturday, May 16, 2009

I'm up to 5 boxes!

Yesterday I filled 2 more boxes with Mel's Mix!

Box 4 is going to be planted with Yukon Gold potatoes... today I hope!
Box 5 is partially planted with onions. I got 5 squares filled, then I ran out of those little onion bulbs. I'm heading to the co-op to get some more today.

Made a run to Lowes last night (it's a 180 mile trip to our nearest Lowes/Home Depot) and got the 1/2 " galvanized steel tubing to create 4 trellises! No trellis netting to be found... so I guess that I'll have to order some in.

Happy Saturday! Happy Gardening!!!


  1. Cool! You'll love trellises...My local WalMart has the nylon trellis's located with the plant stakes - in the garden center. Maybe yours does too....

  2. Hi EG.
    Our Walmart didn't have any trellis netting, so I ordered it off the website. I did however... get the needed material to build my trellises!


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