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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I'm up to 5 4x4 boxes, 1 4x8 box

Finished mixing the enought Mel's Mix for my 4x8 box. I plan to plant Romas in my new 4x8 box.

Some of my plant go a little frost bite last night... sigh... I didn't think that it got that cold! So today, my sweet husband pounded 24" rebar into the corners of 2 of my 4x4 boxes (the one with the tomatoes), I then put my 1/2" PVC dome thingies on covered with clear plastic.

I had to use rebar because of the strong winds we get here in Wyoming. Will post a pic tomorrow.


  1. Ouch! It's always a bit nerve wracking when the weather won't cooperate with our gardening. In all my years, I just never learned to hold off on those warm weather loving plants. I know I should wait, but I invariably get in a rush to get them out. Of course, they just sit there and stare at me and wait until it's warm before they begin growing! Good luck with your new gardens!

  2. Hi Annie! Thanks for coming by! I love your blog and visit it often!


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