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Thursday, May 21, 2009


Didn't get to spend much time in my garden today... Had too many errands to do with hubby.

Today's Sprout Report...
-Bush beans are beginning to poke up!
-A few potatoes are up
-Wando Peas are poking thru

Vining Tomatoes
My vining tomatoes got wind burn or frost bite the other night. They look pretty sad, but I think that they'll make it thru!

Put to bed for the night
My 4x4 beds that have tomatoes in them are all covered up for the night. I made the dome covers from Mel's book.

Aaron's Gigantic Pumpkin Bed
My son Aaron (age 11) and I made a small 2x2 bed out of scrap lumber and got it all filled with Mel's Mix. The bed is going in front of some trees, don't worry it'll still get lots of sun! Will be making a trellis for this box... the mosquitoes chased us home. In Aaron's sage wisdom, he said to me... "That's what tomorrow's for..."


  1. Thanks for the comment! Your dome covers look fantastic!!
    It's my first year doing SFG, as well, so maybe we can learn together, as we go. I was overzealous and got everything planted and then this week we had a couple of nights with a little frost followed up with a few 85 degree days. Gotta love Chicago weather!
    Your son is definitely a wise one - keep him around for perspective and some calm!

  2. HI Amy Kate!
    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment! Love hearing from you!

    Did your plants survive the frost OK?

    A tip on the covers.. be sure to cut the plastic with several extra feet so that you can secure the covers!


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