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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Today, mix... mix... Mel's Mix

With the help of my teenage son, my 4x8 boxes are all built and leveled off!

Today I'm off to the garden to mix mix mix... lots of Mel's Mix to fill boxes!

I mix one shovel full of each Vermiculite, Peat, & Compost into one of the red 18 gallon buckets... then fill my SFG bed... wet it down... and mix up another batch until it's all filled.

I have about 30 Romas that need to get planted. And need to get carrots planted as well!


  1. 30 romas? Wow! You must be planning on making salsa, tomato sauce, or spaghetti sauce.

  2. Hi EG! Welcome back to cyberspace!

    I know... 30 Romas... I plan on making tons of tomato sauce for canning! We make home made pizza often... and enjoy spaghetti... and I love my homemade sauce... just doesn't compare to that sweet stuff at the store!

    Now... what I should have done was to create SWCs for them!!! But... this is my adventure... as I learn all about SFGing...

    Looking forward to reading about your new project.


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