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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Wind again... I tried Mel's dome cover

I can't believe this wind! I had to cover up my 4 boxes again tonight.

I tried making the dome covers that Mel talks about in his new book(page 71). I bought some 10' 1/2" PVC tubing. Made a dome. Connected it at the top with a plastic thingy. I even had the great idea to make clips to use to attach the plastic sheeting!

We're at the plumbing stage in building our new home. So, I grabbed a small piece of pex tubing and cut some small pieces then cut them open with tin snips... this allowed me to create a "C" clip to go onto the 1/2" PVC.

Then I went to attach the plastic sheeting while the wind was whirling around me. Guess what? The whole dome thingy took off like a kite.

I'm thinking about drilling holes in the PVC at the base, then screwing the PVC to the box... I'm wondering if that will make it strong enough to stand up to this Wyoming wind????

I may even try the covered wagon style of cover (see page 76 in Mel's new book). But I think that the dome structure is the stronger structure... what are your thoughts?


  1. Oh gosh...does it blow like that all the time? I'll be making some dome covers for my large box toward the end of summer, and will do a very detailed post about them. However, that doesn't help you now....In my opinion, you'll definitely be able to attach the pvc to the beds with great results, but the plastic will be tricky. Let me know if I can help.

  2. Hi EG. No, it's not windy all the time. I hope that it stops soon! Thanks for offering your help EG. I know that there's a way to do this! I'll run it by my hubby tomorrow. Maybe... clamps would be a better option than putting a screw thru the pipe... I may need to run support strings (see that picture on page 153?) like is used for tents. Sigh... wind still blowing... strong. Hey.. we should capitalize on this wind and install a wind turbine!


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