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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Onions OUT... Peas IN... Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday!


  1. MMMM....I want peas so badly.

  2. Toni, Thanks for stopping by my blog and complimenting it! Wow! I am impressed with your SFG! Looks like you're enjoying a great bounty :)

  3. Hey Tessa! You're very welcome! It's such a pretty blog!

    Thank you for your kind words! I'm so so so enjoying SFG this year!!!! I love not having to pull weeds!

  4. Hi Tony, this is the first time I visit your amazing blog. Here in your blog I've just found a goldmine! So much to read.

    Have a great weekend.

    Greetings from Vaxholm/Tyra

  5. Hey Tyra! Thanks for stopping by and for your very kind words!

    That's the great thing about blogging! We can learn so much from each other!


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