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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Pea bed replanted

A big welcome to Warren Baldwin! Thanks for following my blog!!!

My dreams for pint jars filled with delicious peas.... dashed... I got my plants in the ground way too late. But that's OK... it's because I was setting up my SFG.

Pea Notes:
Plant peas early next year. Start in March and have a cover ready.
TO DO: Start a fall crop of Sugar Ann Peas (45 days) mid August.

In that 4x4 box today I planted:
-4 squares beets
-4 squares broccoli
-4 squares round carrots
-4 squares bush beans


  1. Hi Toni!
    I haven't grown Sugar Ann's, but I'd probably start them sooner than mid-August. If I'm reading my scribble notes on last year's calendar right, I planted sugar snap peas again 8-20. I never got anything from them.

  2. Hi Amy! How much sooner do you think? A couple weeks earlier? Maybe the beginning of August?

  3. A good tip for getting spring peas out early is to start them in potting soil indoors(I used peat cell packs) and put them out once they germinate. Grow them in the pots until they have a few true leaves and then plant out in the soil. Then you will have perfect rows and you will not have to deal with seed rotting in the ground.

    I have been think of fall peas as well. I have never tried them in the fall before. I just need to find a little spot for them. I will look into planting dates and send them along once I find out.

  4. Hi Dan! Thanks for the tips. Yes, please do share the planting dates.

  5. I don't know how different the growing climate is in Wyoming, but it's pretty far north? I think Amy has a good point about starting the peas earlier. This is reminding me to start mine maybe next week...

  6. I probably would aim for the beginning of August. I need to figure out if I'm going to start some more too. I was about to cut my current plants but they're putting on some new growth (and blooms), so now I'm torn...

  7. Hi Toni
    I'm hoping to have better luck with fall planted peas too. Though I only had a few germinate this past spring, the few that did survive are now producing and wow-the taste is fantastic.


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