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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Garden Harvest 7/1/09

A big welcome to Amy, Mary, & Elaine! Thanks for following my blog!!

I picked some romaine lettuce...
And yes... more radishes...
A few baby yukon gold potatoes...
And 2 garlic scapes...
And an even bigger batch of yummy strawberries!!!!
I even got to see the strawberry patch toad!


  1. Oh, those strawberries look wonderful. And isn't the flavor AMAZING??? Most of mine don't make it into the house.....just don't tell hubby that!!

  2. MMMMM...Those strawberries look great! How many SFT did you plant of them?

  3. I think we should name you "The Radish Queen", LOL! I can't grow a radish to save my soul...maybe they sense I just don't like them.

  4. What a great harvest! I wish I still had lettuce. I went to harvest the last couple head that have not bolted and they all were very bitter. :-(

  5. Nice looking harvest Toni! I am also enjoying the strawberry harvest season as well. It was slow in coming but has been worth the wait!


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