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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

It begins... A record of firsts!

Overview of Garden

My first Banana Pepper! I was totally surprised to find this today!
My first itty bitty bean!
My first pea!


  1. Congratulations Toni!! :D

    Mmmmmm your pepper looks so good!! I wish it was hot enough for peppers over here :P Maybe with the help of cloches? Something to try for next year for me :)

    Your garden overall is lookin so lush!

  2. Congratulations on your....triplets? LOL

  3. It's funny having the first bean the same time as the first pea. Ah well, that's life up north!
    The garden looks great, Toni!

  4. Wohoo!!! Isn't it exciting? Now comes the hard part. You have to wait until they're ripe!

  5. Isn't it exciting! The fun part is how it keeps growing and growing and growing.

    Are you going to try four season gardening like Eliot Coleman? I bet you could almost eat year-round.

  6. Hey Stefaneener-I'll have to look into four season gardening! Do you have a book by Eliot Coleman?

  7. Your garden is looking great Toni! I wish I could do the overview photo of mine like you can do.


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