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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Die Grasshoppers...

We're beginning to see ripe raspberries!!! Yummy! However...

Grasshoppers are decimating the foliage in my raspberry patch... Grumble... grumble...

TONIGHT, I shall apply DE... Grasshoppers... BE GONE!

Wish me luck...

My raspberry plants are all dusted... they look like they've been dusted with powdered sugar. Oh my goodness do we have a bad infestation of hoppers!


  1. Nothing like an ultimatum. HA!

    Side note: I love your films. Now when I read your posts I actually HEAR you with your voice reading them to me.

  2. Hey Ribbit!

    Thank you for your kind comment about my films!!! It's fun to make them! I'm doing one each week.

    That's so cool that you can hear my voice when you read my posts! he he : )

  3. Hi Toni! Every year we have a large population of grasshoppers in and around our yard and garden. They drive me completely crazy too! I walk out to the garden and they startle me when they leap away from me. Someday I will have chickens and I will take great pleasure in watching those chickens gobble up all the grasshoppers. Hope that doesn't sound too cruel! LOL

  4. Hey Cynthia! I'm thinking chickens too!!! We'll have to compare notes! Happy almost weekend!

  5. Hey Toni, thanks for the tip for getting a handle on the dany hoppers. I will try and find some of that stuff and use it. We are about 100 miles to the west of Billings, one of my daughters lives there, might be a good excuse to go visit!
    I love your blog, fun to see your pictures and love the films. I agree with you, love the square foot method!


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