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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Bitter Green... BE GONE!

I planted some more Arugula in some empty squares... oh how I love this peppery... spicy green in salad... and I love SFG!!
My garlic harvest.
Funny... a neighbor gave me some garlic bulbs a few years ago. So I put them in the ground and that's it!

I didn't have a clue when to harvest or what to do with them. But then I got to reading some of my favorite garden blogs and learned about garlic scapes... and more importantly... that it was time to harvest my garlic.
Lunch time Harvest!
Yes, more radishes, a head of Baby Romaine, and some Arugula.
Bitter Green... BE GONE!
YUCKY... I pulled out all of this bitter green. It was growing beautifully... but.. It just tasted awful...
I way over planted this 2x2ish SFG. The bitter green is all gone now...

Toni's Gardening Lesson...
Always put markers in your squares so that you know what you planted!


  1. Once the warmer temps hit, its amazing how fast the greens turn bad.

  2. Sorry it tasted so poorly. At least it looked great for a time.

  3. No kidding. I just got a couple of vinyl mini blinds on freecycle to cut up for markers. I'm tired of not marking things!

    I had the same reaction to my woefully over-planted broccoli raab. Yanking it out felt pretty good.

  4. Stefaneer-what a good idea to use vinyl mini blinds for markers!!!

    Is freecycle a website?

  5. Toni, freecycle is a community sharing/trading space. Check freecycle on a web search engine and see if there is one near you. They tend to favor urban areas. If your radio or local paper has a swap section, or a freebies section, or there are big rummage sales, those are also good places to look. Everything, everything, I tell you, is going to get markered this year. I'm going to punch holes and use string. Everything!

  6. Marking is good. :D I have a huge pack of small plastic labels that I use for everything. I recycle them because I often grow the same varieties and the permanent marker on plastic lasts forever.

  7. Check, it looks like there are 15 groups in WY, so there may be one near you (if not, you could always start one...). One thing that's nice about Freecycle is once you have offered something, you can request items. That's how I found straw & leaves last May when most were long gone.

  8. Stefaneener & KitsapFG-I have learned my lesson... LABEL EACH SQUARE!!!

    Amy-Thanks! I found a group to join! What an awesome idea!!


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