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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Where is my camera??? My Harvest begins slowly...

I am so missing my camera... it's in a bag that I put somewhere... I'm so missing sharing my garden photos with you!!!! Got to find that bag..

Harvest News...

Broccoli... I harvested 4 smallish heads of broccoli the other day. We've eaten two of them in a salad. They taste totally different from store bought broccoli. Milder... Darn... wish that I had planted lots of broccoli so that I could freeze some for the future. Well... hence my garden adventure of learning...

Yukon Golds... I roasted some of the "baby gourmet yukon gold" potatoes that I harvested the other day. They were FANTASTIC!!! Even my son who doesn't particularly care for potatoes, had a second helping! They went perfectly with my beef roast!!!

Leaf Greens... Last night I harvested another basket of leaf greens (my 2nd planting).

Tomatoes... My tomato plants continue to bush out... and have lots of flowers on them! I spied many baby tomatoes last night!!! I'm soooo excited!!!!

Peas... Tender, sweet peas are coming on! We picked some last night to go in the salad... and a few we just popped in our mouths! Aaron said they were good.

Green beans... little beans are appearing! Aaron (age 11) gave them his stamp of approval last night as he nibbled on one!

Strawberries... We're getting to the end of our strawberries. Oh did we enjoy eating fresh, sweet.. and sometimes tart strawberries!!! We got lots this year for the very first time... but jam DIDN'T get made. We just enjoyed eating them fresh too much! As I harvest the last of them, they will go into the freezer for fruit smoothies!

Raspberries... We spied a few red raspberries yesterday. Plop... straight into our eager mouths they went! We want more.... MORE!!!

We're having a terrible time with grasshoppers in the raspberry patch again this year. Guess I'm going to have to buy some DE.

Found it!!! Just found my camera! Yeah... will post photos soon!

More later!!!


  1. Ahhhh. Garden Greed. Isn't it fantastic!

  2. It will be good to have some photos again-they add a lot. I'm glad you're having such a good harvest. My raspberries looked great until our last freeze on June 4-but they are sending out LOTS of shoots-for next year!! Yea!!

  3. I am wondering if you are having any problems with grasshoppers? I am in Montana and my poor little garden is getting eaten up. Any advise? I am really enjoying following your gardening updates. This is my first year with the square foot method and I am loving it. Much smaller scale than you have, I just have 3 4x8 beds but am still really enjoying it. Thanks for any advise you have! Kathy

  4. Hi Kathy! I'm just back from Billings. Bought from Diatomaceous Earth at Lowes. Supposed to help... this is my first time using it. Grasshoppers are decimating my raspberry plants!!!


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