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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The day after the big rain...

A big welcome to bestinbloomtoday of Lynn's Garden! Thanks for following my blog!

Rain... the big storm
We had one heck of a thunder storm yesterday, complete with a down pour of rain. I know... those of you who live in my previous home area of New England are probably saying... "Ya.. so?"

But we live in a desert area where our average amount of moisture received is a mere 6 inches!

So yesterday's storm was quite something! And... we're to expect another thunder storm today!

For the most part, my garden enjoyed the rain....

Garden Photos
So, I walked around the garden as mud accumulated on my sandals and took some photos to share...
A cluster of Roma tomatoes
Leaf Lettuce still going strong!
Beet greens growing tall
Sweet Yellow Banana Peppers... I'm waiting for a big enough crop to pickle these.
My watermellon vines are finally growing!


  1. Glad you got some rain. We got almost an inch yesterday. We've had such a rainy summer, I've barely had to water anything.

    I agree, it's hard sometimes to explain how much rain 1" is here to people back home... especially this year since they're barely getting any summer weather - at least in VT.

  2. Nice rain! We had 10-15 minute showers the last two evenings. I think we're up for some more again today.

  3. That rain sounds wonderful.

    Of course, I might not think so in the middle of the rainy season here, but it's nice to hear that the plants liked it for you.

  4. Hi Stefaneener! Thanks for stopping by.
    I can't believe how much rain we got yesterday!

    Tomorrow promises lots of sunshine!

  5. I'm glad you got a temporary reprieve from all of that watering you must have to do. I heard from my friend in nearby Colorado that you had some freak storms out there.

    If we keep getting rain in Boston I'll do a little dance and try to send it your way. Your plants are looking great.

  6. Wacky weather everywhere! Glad it was what you needed though! We actually had a major downpour yesterday under a bright and sunny sky!! So impressed with your veggies, Toni! Aww, thanks for the mention and warm welcome :)

  7. Hi there Lynn!
    Boy that downpour did my garden wonders!!! I've decided that I have NOT been giving my SFG enough water all season.

    Isn't it a strange thing to have a downpour and have the sun out at the same time? Happens here too... with the most wonderful rainbows!

    Thanks for your kind words on my veggies!!


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