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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Garden Revived... want to give you a little gift!

I just picked a whole basket full of wonderful leaf lettuce!
Here it is getting all washed up with a few drops of Basic-H2 organic cleaner.
A little gift to you!
I have some samples of that H2 cleaner that I'd love to share with you! I use it to clean all my garden produce and store bought produce... and all over the house! Let me know where to send it (my email is, put "H2 sample" in the subject heading)... and you can have your own little organic cleaner for your veggies or cleaning your floor... or kitchen... or whatever!

Garden Revived!
Anyway... you should have seen how wilted all of my plants were yesterday before watering! The leaf lettuce and beets especially looked so sad... wilted... crying for water...

Then yesterday, I watered deeply using several of those oscillating sprinklers (like this).

My garden looks green and lush... and vibrant today after a good watering... actually, I way way over watered it. But luckily with Mel's Mix the roots won't be sitting in water!

The leaf lettuce, baby romaine, and beets... actually everything looks fantastic.... sorry forgot to bring my camera with me.

Well, time to make a salad!!! Have a wonderful day!


  1. Oh, good. I'm glad it perked back up. Reminds me (yet again) to get out and water. Time to pull the yellow crookneck because of powdery mildew, too.

  2. Hey Toni, I found pea planting dates in Coleman's "Four Season Harvest" book. According to his chart and assuming your first frost is Sept 30th your planting date should be no later then August 1st.

  3. I wish we had lettuce growing!! Give me a few months and I'll join you for that salad.

  4. Hi Stefaneener-sorry about your powdery mildew on the yellow crookneck squash... darn!

    Oh awesome Dan! I've got to buy that book! I've been eyeing for months now! Anyway, I'd better start clearing a place for my peas!

    Ribbit-I'll look forward to seeing your lettuce growing!

  5. I'm missing lettuce too. Too bad you can't freeze it.


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