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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

And then there was green...

A soft gentle rain is falling now.  You can almost hear the ground drinking up the moisture... and watch the greening of the countryside as it changes before your eyes! The trees are suddenly leafing out and the grass is turning a deep rich green!  Oh, I noticed that lilacs are suddenly blooming!  And the air is filled with the sweet smell of tree pollen.

I live in high desert plains of northern Wyoming.  Absolutely beautiful country!  It's nice and dry here, a big change from living in Massachusetts!

I find it absolutely amazing that you can grow so much here... with just a little water!  A neighbor down the street has a small fruit orchid of apples, pears, and cherry trees.  My parents on the south side of town have pear and apple trees!  In a neighboring community, I heard of a family that is able to grow peaches!

Making Seed Mats!
I'm going to take some time today to make seed mats for carrots & lettuce using Granny's ingenious seed mat method!  To view Granny's excellent tutorial, complete with pictures and step by step directions.... click here.

Note: this photo was taken by my 12 year old son during our town's Spring Rodeo.


  1. Yeah I came from Colorado, and now live in Massachusetts. Boy do we get rain. I like it though since I don't have to water very often.

  2. Toilet paper works well for the seed mats, too. In fact, that's all I've used this year. Did you happen to read Anonymous' May 9 comment on the blog about the mats? He/She said it was "long winded, time consuming and boring", LOL. So be works for me.

    I've planted several hollyhocks that I started from the seeds you sent, and they're really beginning to grow now that the weather has warmed a bit. Do you think I'll get lucky and see blooms this year?

  3. Hi Granny!
    Yes, I did see that post by Anonymous! At first I was upset about it... but then I figured that person just needed some attention!

    I appreciate your wonderful posts... that "Anonymous" person can just GO AWAY!!!

    OK, I'll try it with TP!

    Great about the Hollyhocks! YES, I do believe that you'll have lots of Hollyhock flowers this year! I'll look forward to seeing pictures!

  4. I love the fact that someone calling Granny long-winded would do so anonymously. We all would just say it right out loud.

    Good luck with those seed mats. They worked pretty well for me, too.

    Enjoy the rain. Do you have a well for the dry months?


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