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Friday, May 21, 2010

Transforming the Garden...

Greetings gardening friends!

Garden transformation...
Had gravel delivered this morning... then spent the entire rest of the day spreading it between my raised bed boxes.  It looks awesome... and now... no more mud... no more weeds in the aisles!  A BIG thank you to my hubby who provided most of the labor!

My garden looks so neat and organized now!

After a delicious unexpected dinner of homemade Enchiladas at my MIL's (oh so yum!)... a second wind over took me... and I found myself back out in the garden planting a brand new Strawberry bed!  Yeah!!!!

I've got 2 4x4 beds picked out for carrots this year.  Carrot seeds are SO small and blow away in the slightest wind... so... I employed Granny's awesome homemade SEED MAT method... and went to work tonight making Carrot Seed Mats!  Until.. I ran out of oomph...

Good night...
So... as soon as my very favorite sheets come out of the dryer... it's bed time!


  1. Dum-de-dum-de-dum, tappity-tappity-tap

    Granny hums and taps her fingers, and waits for photos of the fabulous pathways in Toni's garden.

  2. I keep thinking about what to put in the paths of my new garden. I'm thinking clover right now, but I keep changing my mind.

  3. Wow, the gravel does make your garden look so neat. I wonder if the gravel hold some heat from the sun for a little while after the sun goes down?

  4. That gravel sure makes a neat pathway between beds. Good idea. I continue to fight the weeds but I'm going to try vinegar this year.

  5. Granny-just posted pictures!

    Daphne- clover would be pretty! I tried to do mulch, but it just blew away... so opted for gravel.

    GrafixMuse-Thank you! It does look way better! That's an interesting thought about the gravel holding heat... I bet that it will!

  6. quiltbea-Thank you! Good luck with your weed fight!!! Hope the vinegar works!

  7. Toni, that looks so nice! Tell Mr. Toni he did a bang up job spreading that gravel. I'm still hinting to Mr. Granny and son-in-law that I need those wood chips I was promised. I don't think I'll hold my breath, though.

  8. Thanks Granny! I will tell him! I really wanted to do wood chips... but they just kept blowing away....

  9. OK,that does it. I just looked at the carrot bed and it is a mess. Crowded spots and bare spots. Part of that was caused by a heavy rain just after I planted it (sudden thunder storm). I am now going to make some mats, pull the crowded stuff (into the salad they go) and replant. Thanks for the push.

  10. Patricia, you'll love using the homemade mats for your carrots! I'm making more for my Purple Haze carrots!

    Good luck with your carrot bed!


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