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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Pole beans

I'm trying some pole beans this year. The seeds that I've planted inside are sprouting! Makes me so happy to see little sprouts!!!!

A couple years ago I had this awesome gazebo outside. We bought it at Lowes. I love being outside and it gave me the opportunity to have an outside office.

Well... then the wind came one early spring... and THAT was the END of my gazebo. We learned many lessons from this experience... most importantly... BATTEN DOWN THE HATCHES!

If I ever get another one... we'll have to make a cement foundation for it to keep it in place during high winds... or maybe make one of wood.

So, down came my gazebo. I kept the corner supports!

Guess what? I've decided to attached them to the corner of a couple of my boxes and will use them to grow my Pole Beans!


  1. You'll really enjoy pole beans, because they really produce well in a small space. Too bad about the gazebo....I bet it was nice to have.

  2. Hi EG! Yeah, I really enjoyed it for a while! It's going to be fun to give Pole Beans a try!

  3. Good luck on your pole beans. I'm going to have to build my trellis for mine soon.


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