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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Here comes the warmer weather!

Happy Mother's Day to all my gardening friends!!!!

What a beautiful sunny day here today! We're heading into a warming trend this week with temps in the high 50s and into 60!

I will plant some more peas tomorrow.

Last weekend was our town's Spring Rodeo! I sent my 12 year old off with my camera. He took that cool photo of the cowboy boots with spurs! Thought I'd share that cool photo with you!


  1. What a fantastic photo! Now you need to make it black and white or better, sepia. That's frameable.

  2. I've been to a couple of rodeos in Oklahoma and Texas, and really enjoy the funny things that take place during main events.

  3. Love that you have to point out the tiny speck of green... though it's kinda sad/funny. Hoping warmer weather for you from now on!

  4. Did you get snow again today Toni? I drove as far as Sheridan today and it was rain and/or snow with some fog thrown in for fun. All day. I was supposed to get to Billings but decided I didn't want to play in the rain after dark today.

  5. Hi Amy! We had terrible strong wind again during the night. No sign of snow this morning, but Casper is still under a weather advisory for snow & gusty wind.

    Are you still in Sheridan?

    It's supposed to be warming up over the next couple days.

  6. No, I'm in Great Falls right now. The weather here was beautiful this afternoon! It was a cold & wet trip all the way from Colorado Springs to somewhere past Billings I think. The forecast here is for 70's soon! It was probably the worst near Casper and for a time near Sheridan on my way through.


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