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Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Oh my goodness!  We're supposed to have rain showers on and off for the next WEEK!

My driveway's becoming a muddy mess!  On the upside... my garden is LOVING IT!


  1. Please send some our way! Last year we couldn't get a ray of sunshine. This year we can't get a drop of rain...and it hit 95 degrees today. In Maine. In May.

    Your gardens look beautiful!

  2. Hi June!
    Wow.. 95 degrees is really HOT in Maine! OK, will pray you over some rain!

  3. Like June, I'm in Maine and today, the 26th, we had 94 on the deck. Too hot for this time of year but my garden is growing well, tho I've had to water it a bit more.


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