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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Planted my Danvers Half-long Carrots...

Finally finished making my Danvers Half-long Carrot seed mats this morning.  I found that I liked using paper towel the best.  Thanks again Granny!

Planted a 4x4 bed with 16 Danvers Half-long Carrot seed mats!

Wow... was that the easy way to plant carrot seeds!

Last year I had wonderful success with this variety of Carrots!  They tasted and looked wonderful!

Tonight I started making some Purple Haze Carrot seed mats.   Thank you Home Town Seeds for your free sample!

And now... good night!


  1. You make me want to be a real gardener. I've never even thought about the different varieties of carrots before.


  2. Good lord, before I opened up the post, I saw the picture and thought...snow! AGAIN!?

    Glad it's only towels.


  3. LOL Ribbit! No snow... but we did have a light frost during the night! There was ice in the bird bath this morning!

  4. My Purple Haze didn't come up :< Ok most of my carrots didn't come up. I usually burlap them, but this year I didn't. It is just too hard to keep them watered when they don't have something covering them.

  5. Oh no Daphne! Were they overwintered?

  6. I'm also growing Purple Haze carrots this year, thanks for your visit to my blog xx

  7. Hi there thegardensmallholder! I really like your blog! Good luck with your Purple Haze carrots! This is my first time growing them!

  8. Toni, I love your carrot mats! I have never heard of that method, but it is one I will have to try!!


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