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Sunday, May 23, 2010

We had a light frost...

A grand welcome to Zazu Ta!  Thanks for following my blog!

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When I let the dog out this morning at about 6:30am, I noticed that there was a thin layer of ice in the bird bath.

The warm sun was quickly melting the frost though...


  1. I think of my climate as pretty cold, but at least we don't get frost so late in May. I remember living in the Colorado mountains though. And I still remember the 3' snow storm right at the end of May one year. That is a hard climate to grow in.

  2. Daphne, the frost was totally unexpected! Luckily I had covered my couple pole beans that had poke thru the ground. The rest of my growing plants are cold hardy.

    Haven't planted tomatoes & Peppers yet (my seedlings are still too small... started them way late!)... but my BIL has... wonder how they made out last night???? Will have to take a peak.

  3. It is just flat as a pancake out that way, isn't it.

    I totally have to get up to Wyoming to visit. I'm just so intregued at how different it is from here.

  4. We sometimes get frost this late in May, but that doesn't stop us from planting. The garden centers hope that we buy plants early, plant them, have them freeze and then have to buy them again. lol

    Good to hear that your plants survived. Hope the same for your BIL. It was nice of you to visit my blog.


  5. Hi Ribbit-NO! It's not really that flat here... We are situated in what is called the Bighorn Basin. There are mountain ranges and sand hills all around us.

    We live about 2 hours away from Yellowstone but really close to the Bighorn Canyon. Here's some pics:

  6. I'm touched and speechless at your dedication! Did you EVER think you'd see Granny speechless? I *heart* you too.

    I hope those paper towels are cheap ones that disintegrate in water, not super sturdy ones like Bounty!

  7. Oh shoot Granny-I didn't do a disintegration test... Hope it works out OK for me!!!


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