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Monday, May 3, 2010

Spring snow brings...

Not much going on here... Hoping the warmer weather comes back! The coldest night time forecast says 31 degrees... that's not too bad.

The Spring blizzard on Thursday left us with much needed moisture and after the fluffy 3 inches melted... the grass turned green! Our trees even enjoyed the moisture... will have leaves soon!

I'm seeing some radish sprouts popping up in this bed! Yeah!!!

A gardening newsletter that I received suggested this book... looks interesting.


  1. That probably is a very useful book to have. I grew up in the rockies and the weather there is so different. The season is short. The summers can be hot during the day, but frigid at night. I've seen it snow at the higher elevations every month of the year. It is a real challenge to garden if you live in the mountains.

  2. A gardening book for your specific region is a must, in my opinion. I have the Alabama/Mississippi version....

  3. Hi Daphne & EG... OK... I'm going to pick up that book!


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