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Saturday, November 20, 2010

16 degrees outside...

Oh my gosh, it's 6:45 am and pitch black here in northern Wyoming... and it is COLD out there!!!!  It's 18 degrees Fahrenheit!  There's even a dusting of snow on the ground!

The hoop house experiment continues!!!
I'm going to see how long I can grow greens in my little 4x4 hoop house!

But in my little hoop house... it's a cozy 37.2 degrees!  Yeah!
It only took:
-styrofoam sheets on the north & west sides
-jugs of water to collect & retain warmth
-Christmas lights on the soil around the plants
-a work light hanging from the supports
-a light cover on the plants inside the dome
-and... a sleeping bag covering the outside of the dome!

I'll go check on the plants later today when it hopefully warms up a bit!

For more information on having your own backyard hoop house, here's a nice article that I just read on the Mother Earth News website.    (link added to my Reference list)


  1. Yea-the experiment continues!! I'm glad you're having luck with it, but, will you still wander out there when the snows start flying??
    37 degrees is plenty warm for greens! Congrats!!

  2. Hi Sue! Good morning! I have my garden out front right next to my truck! And the pathways are all gravel... so no mud! YES! I'll keep visiting it even when it's cold and snowing!

  3. Gosh, I feel for'll get that cold here at least once a year, and I sure do dread it. I'm glad the hoop house is working out for ya!

  4. Amazing that it withstood the 16 degrees! Job well done, Toni.


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