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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Hoop House Report 11/2/10

Hoop House report...
6am temperature in the hoop house: 48.3 degrees F.

I'm going to harvest more radish & sunflower greens this morning!  Some of the radish sprouts will go on my husband's tuna sandwich.... the rest... into my fruity green smoothie!

Cold Frame report...
I acquired 3 more windows yesterday for a total of 5 or 6...  Today I will set up one or two cold frames!

I plan to grow mostly micro greens in these two cold frames.  Micro greens are sprouts grown in soil till they're about 2 to 4 inches tall... then they're harvested for salads and in my case fruity green smoothies!


  1. Toni- they're looking great! I wonder how long into the winter these will take, think of the jump start you'll get on spring!

    Hey, thanks for leaving a comment for the boy on his new blog. He was so giddy to see a familiar name there.

  2. Hi Ribbit! You're welcome... I was so impressed that your son has his own blog! I'm thinking that maybe I should get my son to keep one too... he needs to write more!!!!

    I am so thrilled with my little hoop house!!!!


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