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Sunday, November 21, 2010

It's 7 degrees...

We got a couple inches of snow last night... but now it's 7 degrees.

this photo taken last year... 
Somehow my little hoop house is staying warm in the 30s!


  1. Yay, little hoop house! Stay cozy!

    Toni - do you fill your 'ballast' with hot water each night, or just use them as passive thermal mass?

  2. Oh no, I don't refill them everyday Peg. I just let the sun warm them up.

  3. Your hoophouse is 30F even in the snow. Awesome!!

  4. It's amazing Meems! Tomorrow I'll need to open it up and let in some fresh air though...

  5. I've never tried extending the season with frames or covers. I'm really thinking that it's time to try to jump out of my warm weather gardening box and try to reap a few more salads out of the garden in the fall in 2011.

    It dipped down to 16 and 8 with the chill factor here in Nebraska. Seven is certainly chilly for sure. Gardening is definitely done for me and I'm already looking a the first seed catalog and dreaming about next spring that seems oh so far away.

    Have a great winter garden day.

  6. Toni-I've been thinking about you up there in Powell! Howe we are missing all that weather in Cheyenne I don't know. I checked on my greens yesterday in our unheated greenhouse and they are happy. When I went in it 50 degrees! I'll check today as it is only 0 here this morning. The thanksgiving menue has salad with greens from the house on it! Best Wishes for a great holiday.


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