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Sunday, November 7, 2010

30 Pounds of Green Beans

Greetings from northern Wyoming where Indian Summer continues....

Ah... if I could just "can" this awesome weather and preserve it for a below zero day this winter... wouldn't that be awesome?

Hoop House Report...
The hoop house has been cozy at night in the 40s.  My greens are doing well.  Really been enjoying the radish sprouts.

notice grasshoppers on either side of this pot... urghhhhh...

Look baby spinach leaves!!!!

Some of the seed that I planted is starting to sprout in the cold frame (just a 3x3'ish box with a window on top).

But... beginning Tuesday the high will be 40 and the low at night 20...  burr....

30 pounds of green beans...
I belong to a food co-op called Bountiful Baskets.  Their produce is fresh and sooo yummy!  We pick up our "share" on Saturdays.  I ordered a case... 30 pounds... of green beans.  I love green beans but I don't care for then commercially canned.  Someday I hope to grow enough green beans in my garden to can... but until then...

Monday afternoon I will dig out my pressure canner and get to work canning my beans!  But first... got to get my jars cleaned up!


  1. I love reading the progress of your hoop house! 30 pounds of green beans is awesome. We are still harvesting pole beans from our garden and I keep telling my husband how they taste so much better than the frozen bags we always bought. I plan to double the amount of plants I grow next year.

  2. wow, meems... that's great that you're still harvesting!

  3. We can't get enough of green beans either! I'm not that keen on them when it's harvest time,(who feels like standing over a pot of boiling water in August!) but come winter, it's wonderful to pull a bag out of the freezer and enjoy that freshly-harvested taste!!

  4. Hi Sue! I'm going to can mine this afternoon. Love fresh green beans!

    I grew royal burgundy this year. They were mild and delicious until the grasshoppers destroyed my patch... : (


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