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Friday, November 5, 2010

Hoop House report 11/5/10

It's 41.0 degrees F in the hoop house this morning.

Update at 8am: I'm just back from dropping my son off at school.  I had no idea how cold it was outside!  My truck said 23 degrees F!  All the while my little hoop house is a cozy 41 degrees!  Yeah!

Yesterday was a sunny, beautiful, warm day in the 60s here in northern Wyoming.  I opened up the hoop house for a while in the afternoon.

Would you believe that I found a few grasshoppers in my hoop house?  I'm sure that they think that they've found paradise... of course that was until I found them...


  1. Yeah, I bet those grasshoppers were like "Oh no!" Hehe...I got my little greenhouse in place, too - and will get some pics this weekend...Yay for extending the season!

  2. Good morning EG! Can't wait to see your pictures!

  3. Funny! The first time I opened my hoop house to check on things I found a couple fat caterpillars happily eating turnip greens. They got evicted.

  4. Your hoophouse experiment is going so well!! I'm so amazed how warm it's getting! Hahaha, perish grasshoppers!

  5. Hey Meems! You must need some grasshoppers for your garden... LOL!

  6. Hi Toni-glad it's going well! Isn't it amazing how those bugs find the good places to hang out!


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