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Sunday, November 14, 2010

It's snowing...

It's almost 9pm on Sunday night as I write this post.  Snow is coming down with some accumulation.

It's 41.5 degrees in my hoop house and about 35 outside.

Hoop House Report...
The Arugula is growing like crazy on the West side of the hoop house.  I cut it back not too long ago.  It must really like 40 degree weather!  Anyone want some Arugula?  I've got enough to share!

I cut the rest of my radish micro greens for my husband's tuna sandwich today... Will need to reseed some more!!!


  1. I'm happy your hoop house is producing so well. Fresh greens are sooooo yummy!

  2. Hi Sue! Thanks for stopping by! We have a fresh blanket of snow covering the countryside... maybe 4 or 5 inches! A lot of snow for us!

  3. I've never had any arugula, but I bet it's good stuff. Isn't it amazing how stuff grown in a hoophouse grows so fast? My carrots are the same way right now..

  4. I want to put my A-frame to good use next year. I have carrots, garlic and lettuce in it right now but the lettuce is barely growing. I know the carrots will overwinter and be great in early spring and the garlic next summer.
    I read that Mache/corn salad is a great green for coldframes and hoop houses fow late fall and winter. And yes, your arugula, along with mizuna, claytonia, sorrel and spinach. The Mache will supposedly keep growing thru the winter and be harvestable anytime the temp drops below freezing. I'm checking into them all for next year's A-frame.
    Good luck with your hoops. Fascinating.

  5. Thank you for your comment quiltbea! I have to trim down my arugula AGAIN because it's reaching the top of my dome! It's going into a beef stew for supper!

    I've got to try some Mache, mizuna, claytonia, and sorrel. I love greens!

    I'm amazed at how warm it stays in my hoop house. Right now at 10am the temperature thingy is reading 50 degrees... all because of the sun! But it's only 23 degrees outside the hoop house!


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