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Friday, November 19, 2010

Hoop House Drastic Measures...

Greetings on this chilly night...

The hoop house had gotten down to 29.5 degrees... and it's on it's way down into the teens.
The Hoop House before I covered it with a sleeping bag!

So I hurried outside (NOT properly dressed mind you) and...
-Turned ON the work light & Christmas lights that are inside my hoop house.
-Then covered my plants with a tent tarp.
-And on the outside over the plastic covering, I placed a sleeping bag.

All that done... my hoop house is up to 35.4!

Hope it's OK tonight... my arugula seems kind of crispy...

It's going to be BELOW zero (Fahrenheit) at night in a couple days.  


  1. That's really cold, but it sounds like the extra layers of protection are helping.

  2. EG, I'm watching the temperature in the hoop house go up! Now at 37.2!

  3. That's great that the temps are rising in the hoop house.

  4. I love that remote thermometer of yours! How nice you can keep an eye on things from your cozy house!

    I suppose you need to take off the extra coverings in the daylight hours, yes?

  5. It's been really cold the past couple days and will continue to only reach a high in the mid teens for the next little bit. So... I'm just leaving it all covered up with the lights on!


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