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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Babies... grow fast!

I've got another pot of sauce simmering... the house smells so good!!!

There are a few babies growing in the garden... not pictured are tasty peas, and flowering beans.

Here's a little cantaloupe! Grow baby... grow fast!

All the vining plants really didn't grow.. they just sat there... looking puny... while my husband was patiently waiting for cucumbers to appear... WAIT... there's one NOW... GROW FAST BABY!!!


  1. I'll do the grow dance for you! Wow, I can see your nights are getting pretty low already. How much longer do you think you'll have?

  2. Hi Ribbit! Thanks for stopping by! Yes! Do the GROW dance for my little garden babies!

    Getting down into the 40s at night now. Our average first frost is about mid September... not so far away!

    I'm going to cover with plastic, if I can get my act together!

  3. Go you little baby cucumber. I hope they grow in time! Maybe the frost will hold off, this global warming is making all sorts of strange weather patterns occur.

  4. Oh, it is so tantalizing to get so close with something. Our frost is coming soon too. And I have three baby melons I would love to try. Their our first ever. Thankfully the cucumbers finally bolted into action and pumped out the fruit, bless their hearts! Pickles are in the canner now...

  5. Hi Toni what a pretty cantaloupe, I have never tried those. It looks delicious and I bet you will have a feast of it.

    I wish you a great weekend/ Tyra

  6. Bet you're watching the weather closely now. I'm glad you're somewhere that it doesn't frost too early. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you on the canteloupe!


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