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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Oh my gosh tomatoes!

Oh my goodness... just picked bunches and bunches of tomatoes!

Let the processing begin!

I have to say that I'm disappointed with the size of my Roma tomatoes... they're tiny!

Next year, I want to grow indeterminate paste tomatoes.

Do you have a favorite indeterminate paste tomato... or a suggestion for me?

My parents gave me a bunch of plums. Guess that I'll steam juice them tonight! Love plum jelly!


  1. It still looks like you got a good harvest. COongrats. I grew San Marzanos last year in pots on the balcony (I posted on them a while back, in my wrapping up the tomato season series.) They cropped well, though size varied from elongated golfball to elongated fist size, and would be very suited to an in-ground garden but due to my lack of space on the balcony, and desire for the more interesting multi-coloured varieties they won't be making an appearance this year.

  2. Toni, I grew Chico III, and they were terrible tasting and died of disease early on. My Juliet is prolific, but tiny little tomatoes, not worth fooling with for canning. I've been throwing them and the cherry tomatoes in a pot and making tomato juice from them, it would just take too many for sauce. I've heard the San Marzanos are good, but I've never grown them.

  3. My romas were tiny as well. Very tiny, actually.

  4. Nope. I have never grown paste tomatoes. I just use whatever tomatoes are extra and boil them down until they are the consistency I want. I wouldn't mind growing some though. I really would like to make my saucing go a bit faster.

    Hmm I can't tell if I like the tomato photo better or the sunflower. They are both so pretty.

  5. I love my Amish Paste, they're huge. But they also seem to be falling prey to some disease, so go figure.


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