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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Collecting seeds... enjoying the harvest!

I made tomato sauce yesterday. Got 8 pints canned... one is in the fridge. Will be making pizza with it this week. Oh my gosh... it smelled so good as it was cooking up.

Today, I'll be picking more tomatoes. I bought some of Mrs. Wages Ketchup mix based on Granny's recommendation... so I may try some of that next.

My parents have 2 Plum Trees... they are sooo good! I've been making Plum Jelly. Yesterday I steamed juiced a fresh batch... so will be making MORE Plum Jelly!

Homemade Jelly makes an awesome gift... so... I love to have LOTS on hand!
My Hollyhock are just about done producing flowers at our little rental house. So, I've been collecting seed so that I can plant them up our new house.

Pictured on the far right is a collection of "Wyoming Wild Sunflower" seeds. I don't know the official name for these petite cluster-like sunflowers but they sure are pretty! They grow near watering ditches and along the side of the rode. They are so pretty!!!

Hmmm.... where to plant them????
Here are 2 heads from my giant sunflowers. We love eating David's Sunflower seeds... so I thought that I'd try harvesting my own sunflower seeds.
I've got lots more tomatoes to pick. Mostly I have Roma tomatoes, but I did purchase a few indeterminate plants from our local Master Gardeners sale this spring. I have so enjoyed to wonderful sweet taste of the Rutgers. This one pictured is a Opalka... strange looking thing, isn't it? This is the first ripe one... I have no idea how it will taste.
Well, I am so pleased to finally have enough ripe tomatoes to make a sauce... that... is what I wanted most from my garden! I make pizza almost once a week and love using my own tomato sauce!


  1. Wow, that sauce looks yummy! Your tomatoes are going to keep you busy for a while. Soon you will have shelves filled with canned produce from your garden.

    BTW, I have selected your blog for a "Meme Award." Thank you for your inspiration and kind remarks over this past season!

  2. That will be some really great pizza. Something to look forward to when it is snowing out. That plum jelly looks so good. Weirdly I just think fresh plums are OK. I liked the cooked ones better. For cherries it is exactly the opposite.

  3. Beautiful! I love your seed collection. I like to look at my collection in the winter. Sometimes I even crumble a hollyhock pod and feel the dry dusty promise of it. I've got some hollyhock seed set aside from this year's beauties; I'll be flinging out handfuls here and there in the coming weeks.

  4. GrafixMuse-thank you so much for the award!!!

    Daphne-I'll have to make cherry jelly next year. My folks have a cherry tree too... Didn't get my act together soon enough to make it this year... too much house building stuff going on!

    June-Do you have a special place to put your hollyhocks? Thank you for your kind words!


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