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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

It's all about ripening tomatoes... and fall crops blooming!

I'll be cooking up tomato sauce before long! Most of my plum tomatoes are ripening up! What do you suppose causes tomatoes to ripen? Is it warm days and cool nights? This photo below is a little sun washed... but it's still fun to see all those ripening beauties!

Lots of ripening tomatoes in this bed!
My Fall Crop peas are blooming!
My Fall Crop bush beans are growing nicely, I'll have to get this bed ready for impending frost...
Sorry not to be on top of my blog posting... we're working hard on the new house... so much to do to get finished up! More details here if you're interested.


  1. Oh, you are going to have a lot of sauce to make from all those tomatoes! They are really looking good.

    It's hard for me to even think about impending frost when we're still having temps in the mid to high 90s!

  2. Granny, when is your first avg frost? Man, you guys have had a LOT of heat this summer! Is that typical?

    Beautiful summer day here in the high 70s.

  3. Such bounty! I've heard it's temperature that ripens tomatoes. Sauce some for us. We've named each of our tomatoes since we have so few this year. They are each beloved. Our fall peas, though, are quite splendid. Great to peek into your garden, as always.

  4. Toni - you'll probably be making sauce before I will, because I'm having to freeze mine as they come in. I think granny's average frost date is the same as mine - October 15th.

  5. Your tomato plants look great, so short and well behaved. What is the variety?


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