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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The big harvest...

I don't know how much this bucket weighs... but it's heavy! I'm going to have lots and lots of tomato sauce to can!!! Yeah!!!Harvested all my peppers!
Harvested my ONE cucumber... DARN... well, at least we got ONE!
I've so enjoyed our sunflowers! This is my last big one.


  1. Hey, one is more cucmbers than I got last year. I think it's the second year that's the charm for them. ;)

  2. You'll be glad you harvested everything. That IS alot of tomatoes! took me 2 weeks to get that many, when in the peak of the growing season.

  3. Wonderful harvest Toni, a pity about the cucumbers but I think they are a bit tricky to grow too. Great picture, love your sunflowers. they are one my list of how to boost your immune system! It's a lot of Zinc in the seeds.


    TYRA'S GARDEN, Boost up your immune system

  4. WOW. That's a big tomato harvest! I'm sure many of our gardeners in New England are very jealous.

  5. Oh my! Look at all those tomatoes! Wow, you ARE going to be busy. Your peppers too...beautiful. What kind are the yellow ones? These look like the yellow peppers that I had (the ones that were supposed to be Jalapeno).

  6. GrafixMuse-the yellow peppers are sweet banana.

  7. Nice tomato and pepper harvest. I would so make salsa out of it all. Yum.


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