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Saturday, September 12, 2009

More Plum Jelly!

I made 2 batches of Plum Jelly this morning. Got 14 more pretty jars for the pantry!

Do I dare put on another tomato sauce today... or... do I finish laying the tile in the guest bathroom of the new house??? Hmmm... such choices!


  1. Oh, what a pretty color! I'll be making muscadine grape jelly next weekend, I figure. I canned all day, and am so burned out on canning right now!

  2. So pretty! I wish I'd made some this year... ah well. Seems like so many other things came up.

  3. I am passing a Meme Award on to you. Thanks for sharing your garden!

  4. It looks wonderful Toni, do you feel the same as I do when I fill my pantry with


  5. Oh wow, that looks amazing....I need to get over my fear of canning. :)

  6. Hi Thomas! Thank you! Go to the grocery store canning isle and pick up the Ball Canning book. It'll take you thru step by step.

    I'm canning apple stuff next! My Mom's apple tree has produced beautiful apples in abundance!


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