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Monday, September 7, 2009

Preserving the Harvest... PLUM JELLY & TOMATO SAUCE!

Spending some time preserving the harvest today!
Then I've got to move onto finishing laying tile in the guest bathroom of the new house!

My 11 year old just walked outside and made a comment about how good my tomato sauce smells! Whoohoo!

Plum Jelly
From the Plums that my mother brought over the other day, I had about 15 cups of plum juice! Then she brought over some more today and so far I have 8 more cups!

I have a steam juicer that is absolutely wonderful!!! My friend Ana taught me how to make jelly using a steam juicer... it's so easy to prepare juice this way!

I have made quite a few little jars of Plum Jelly so far! And will have double that with this batch of juice!

I think that I need to find my dehydrator for her next batch! Wouldn't that be yummy? Dried Plums!!!

Tomato Sauce
My family gathered about a 5 gallon bucket full of roma tomatoes the other day. So I washed them up using my favorite all-purpose, clean everything, organic cleaner , got out my Vita Mix and whizzed up the tomatoes.

I LOVE my Vita Mix for making tomato sauce! All I have to do is wash up the tomatoes and take off the top hats! Then I plop them into the Vita Mix container (skins, seeds and all!), tamper them down as they turn into a wonderful tomatoey juice!

Now, I'm sitting outside on this beautiful day with my tomato sauce simmering away on one burner and my steam juicer steaming wonderful Plum juice on the other burner of my Camp Chef cooker.

My camera is in the truck with my husband... I'll post a picture of my set up when he gets back.

I'm so excited to be at the point of processing tomatoes into sauce for canning!!! YEAH!!!!!

Hope that you're having a great Labor Day... and enjoying a family BBQ! We'll be doing steaks on the grill today!


  1. Glad to hear you are finally getting enough ripe tomatoes for sauce. Now go get that camera...we have to see the fruits of your labors!

  2. You do realize that dried Plums are PRUNES, right??? Just so you know! LOL Have a friend who didn't realize until after she had eaten quite a few! LOL

    The jelly and tomato sauce sound wonderful, we lost our tomato crop to that darn blight this year.

  3. Hi Sue! So sorry about your tomatoes... : (

    No, didn't realize that dried Plums are Prunes... silly me!

    Can't find my dehydrator... We're in the midst of moving into our new home... can't remember where I tucked it away 5 years ago!


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