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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Hoop House Report 10/31/10: Harvesting Micro Greens

inside the hoop house... happy greens!
Since I added Christmas lights around my plants in the hoop house... they've been nice and cozy!

Growing Micro Greens...
I read about growing Micro Greens in the Urban Farmer magazine last month and thought... YES... I can do that!!!!

So... in my hoop house in pots, I'm growing some greens... they will be harvested when they are between 2 & 4 inches tall:
-Corn Salad

 Today I harvested some radish & sunflower greens!!!
Micro Greens: I harvest some radish greens this morning!  
 All of my greens are very happy in the hoop house!
Micro Greens: I also clipped some sunflower greens..
I also harvested some greens that are growing in the Hoop House soil.
My little green harvest goes into my fruity Green Smoothie!


  1. The christmas lights must add a little heat to your hoop house. Great Idea!

  2. I use christmas lights on my most tender citrus plants when frost threatens, they must work great in the hoop house. It's actually getting to be difficult to find christmas lights that aren't LED now, and the LEDs don't put out any heat.

  3. they seem to be working great Michelle!

    Emily, I think so!

  4. Congratulations! Great idea with the christmas lights :-) I just gotta try it.


  5. Hi Tyra! Let me know how it works for you!!!!

  6. What a great idea! Maybe I should string up my brussel sprout plants :) It would be a nice decoration and maybe just maybe, those little buggers will get big enough to eat!

  7. Even if the Christmas lights did not heat things up a bit... they sure make harvesting kind of festive! ;D

    Your micro greens experimentation is coming along beautifully.

  8. kitsapFG, the radish greens are yummy! Got to get some more planted!!!

  9. Everything looks so fantastically green and healthy in your hoop house!

  10. Thank you thyme2garden! It's exciting to have something growing in Wyoming in November!

  11. Oh, Toni, you just might inspire me to find time to cover one (or two) of my beds. I'm so glad yours is working for you.

  12. My favorite micro green that I've ever had is peas. Maybe I'll grow some this winter if I'm pining for the garden. I've seen people use Christmas lights in their fruit trees to stave off frost, but I've never seen anyone use them in a hoop house before.

  13. Hi cheryl! Thanks for stopping by! YES!!! Do cover your beds with cold hardy greens! I'll tell you, it's such a joy to continue "growing stuff" even as winter approaches!

  14. those micro greens look amazing! My fav micro green is radish - so spicy!

  15. Mine too Stevie! Have you tried Arugula? It's a wonderful spicy green!


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