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Friday, October 29, 2010

Got Sprouts... a Hoop House Report

Fishy Insulation coverup... for cold nights.
The picture above shows the fishy insulation that I scored from the Pet Store.  Before I cut it in half, it was shaped as an envelope and used for keeping fish warm during shipping.

I cover my plants with this fishy insulation (within the hoop house) to keep them warm and cozy on cold nights.

Here's the inside of my little Hoop House!

Mesclun Sprouts (to be used as Micro Greens) 

Cobb Salad beginning to sprout (micro greens)

oh shoot... can't remember what these sprouts are... darn!

Sunflower sprouts (micro greens)

Cobb Salad sprouts

Swiss Chard transplant.  The grasshoppers had eaten all the leaves... BUT  LOOK... it's growing some more!

Swiss Chard

Beet Greens


Swiss Chard

I lowered the little hoop house by about a foot today... less space to warm now.  We're heading back into the 30s at night for the next week... so not so cold!


  1. Unlike you we are getting some cold weather coming in. It might not be horribly cold by Wyoming standards, but I think our first frost will be soon.

  2. Wow.. Daphne... that's amazing that you haven't had a frost yet. Oh, meant to ask you... what will you do with your beds the winter?

    I have to do something to keep the weeds out and the soil in (winds!).

  3. I really love that rehab of the fish warmies. Thant really has class.
    BTW I think those unnammed sprouts might be Spinach.

  4. Hi Patricia! I love that.... "fish warmies!!!"

  5. That insulation is awesome. Congrats on the sprouts.

  6. Hi Toni
    Your stuff is looking GOOD!
    I'm "pulling the plug" on my cold frame tomorrow-one more good salad and then that's that! I love my coldframe in the spring (after sitting on my duff for months) but after a LONG summer, I'm tired of it. I will be watching yours closely though-I'm curious if the stuff "grows" in the shortening days or just "maintains".
    Have a great weekend!

  7. Thanks Meems!

    Hi Sue. I so want to build some cold frames!

  8. OOOO Toni you gave me a great idea. My Swiss Chard has been struggling becuase of the wind storms. I think I'll transplants it to one of the empty cold frames. I'm going out right now and do it. I could put it in the cold greenhouse, but there is an empty cold frame and I think it will take off there. Beautiful day here in Cheyenne.

  9. Hi Christine in Cheyenne!
    Do you have a picture of your cold frames on your blog?
    My swiss chard is thriving in my little hoop house!


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