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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Greens for my Smoothie...

Swiss Chard
It's barely dawn here in northern Wyoming.  I'm just back in from Power Walk #1... my ears are thawing out... it's a balmy 43 degrees this early morning!

I just walked around my garden gathering up some greens to go in my morning smoothie... a little swiss chard, arugula, cilantro, and spinach.  I will mix these greens with frozen berries, apple, plum, peaches, and some ESP.



Beet Greens

view of garden from the 1st floor of the house (thru a screen... sorry!)

 I haven't really posted that much about my pumpkin patch!  We planted Giant pumpkins this summer and have 1 pretty big pumpkin growing!  It must be about 50 pounds.  I'll measure it next time for you!
The giant pumpkin experiment!  
Sue from Garden Notes 2010 suggested that I try some Cold Frames to extend the growing season....  I'm excited to do that!  Now... to hunt down some old windows!


  1. I've found that my camera takes photos of screens like that too. I'm going to have to remove the screens from the guest bedroom so I can take overhead photos of the garden.


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