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Monday, October 11, 2010

The Great Cover-Up...

Pumpkin & Squash harvest 10/11/10

We had a light frost the very beginning of September, but... it's been quite nice since then with lows in the 40s.  But we have a downward trend coming... and after all... it is October 11!

I transplanted all of my greens that were scattered in various boxes into one 4x4 box.  Hope they survive the transplanting!
Then... in preparation for what will surely come... I've covered my GREENS box.  Here is the "Great Cover-Up!"

I have a wireless weather station transmitter inside the dome... so I'll know what's going on in there from inside my house!  Is that cool or what?  The weather station says that it's 75 degrees in there right now!
I've been cleaning up my boxes... pulling vines...

Here are a few pumpkins and squash that I gathered during my clean-up.

I read about growing "mirco greens" indoors in Urban Farm Magazine and thought that I'd give that a try.  Basically, you harvest the greens when they're a little more than sprouts.

So, I planted some seeds in pots but have them covered up outside for now... until I make room in my kitchen garden window.
Planted some seeds for my "micro greens" experiment
Then.... there's the BIG Pumpkin!  
I cut up all my vines and revealed my GIANT pumpkin!  Here she is...

Here she is sitting on a big bale of peat moss!
My Garden...  Fall 10/11/10


  1. so jealous of your giant pumpkin! I couldn't even get one carving size pumpkin! Plenty of sugar pumpkins for pies and goods, but none for Jack O' Lanterns! Very nice one you have there!

  2. I just LOVE your idea for covering the bed! Great idea, Toni!
    And the pumpkin--beautiful!

  3. Dang...that's a whopper! Being able to monitor the temperature inside the hoophouse from the coziness of your home is definitely cool!

  4. It looks like your garden is transitioning nicely into fall. The remote temp gauge is a good idea. I have thought about setting one up in my unheated greenhouse.

  5. EG-I was thinking about you when I installed that wireless weather station!

    KitsapFG-yes, you should get one!!! I ordered mine from

    Thanks Sue!

    Shawn Ann-wish that I had grown some of those sugar pumkins too!

  6. I bought a thermostat that can send to my house, but I've yet to put it in the garden. We've kept it in the house and I have it upstairs so I can see how hot and cold it is. I think that is the height of laziness. I swear it will eventually go outside. Love your huge pumpkin.

  7. LOL Daphne!
    Well... truth be told... I bought this last year at Christmas... and just NOW... got batteries and set up! he... he...

  8. Thanks for the idea about the thermometer. If we install one, we'll be able to keep track of the garden while we're out of town. What kind is it?

  9. Hi Peg! I ordered mine from Sierra Trading Post. Here's the link:

    Here's a link to the new post that I did today:

  10. I like your covered bed. As a container gardener I'm planning to do a cover up, too. I have one pot planted with lettuce and chard and when the temps here finally drop, it will be covered with plastic. We're currently very warm but a cool front is soon expected. When the mercury finally falls to more normal temperatures, I'm ready.

    Like the idea of the micro-greens, too. Good idea to get them started outside while you can.

  11. Hello tempusflits! Thanks for stopping by my blog!
    We had beautiful warm weather last week... in the 80s! But now it's cooled off and getting below 30 during the night.

    Not sure if my greens will survive the cold temperatures at night...


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