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Monday, October 25, 2010

Just greens... and a buffalo or two!

Oh it's a blustery... chilly day out here in northern Wyoming!  I'm just back from a walk complete with fleece mittens and a rag wool hat... and my face and ears are still cold!

The Pryor Mountains got a new blanket of snow during the night as well as all the mountain ranges around!  Very pretty... but it means that cold weather is here...

In my little hoop house it's a toasty 42.6 degrees even though it is overcast this morning.  Yesterday I harvested some swiss chard and other greens.

Oh... I scored two windows at a neighbor's yard sale on Saturday!!!!  Got to build some cold frames now!

What???? Buffalo???

On Thursday I took my Aunt who is visiting from Maine to Yellowstone National Park!  It was a lovely warm day... with incredible sights!  Want to see the photos that I took? You can view my online photo album here.


  1. Wow, buffalo! So cool! Can't wait to see your cold frames! I've been searching for windows too.

  2. Lovely harvest Toni and lucky you! I must have been fantastic to see those impressive animals./Tyra

  3. Yep, you're gonna have to build some coldframes from those windows you picked up!

  4. That's awesome about how well the hoops are working for you, and that you are harvesting greens. It's mid-40s here day and night so now you know what it feels like in Anacortes! And congratulations on the windows. Have you tried advertising on craigslist?

    (My dau is a big craigslist fan and sent me there to find some old hay. No old hay yet but I did find a vendor for awesome grass-fed lamb!)

  5. Peg what will you do with old hay? There's lots of it around here.

    Another great place is FreeCycle. I just got signed up and made my first offer... a box of yarn.

  6. The greens look good Toni! The buffalo too, nice shot. I'm borderline zone 6a, in the southern tip of Ontario. Being surround by the great lakes really moderates the climate. Once winter comes those lakes make lots of snow though....

  7. Got cold just reading about your walk. :D

    The grow covers are doing a good job for you. I find they make a huge difference just by keeping the plants protected from the drying cold winds AND from the falling weather.

  8. I can not even imagine living so close to that world known park! Amazing! And what a lovely harvest you show!

  9. Madame C, thank you so much for stopping by! We are very blessed to live in this beautiful place a 100 miles east of Yellowstone.

  10. Yellowstone is a really beautiful place. The only time I've been there was when I was a teenager and it was in the winter. It was great fun on xc skis.

  11. Yippee on the finding the windows! Happy the cold cover is helping with your harvest.


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