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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

my hoop house experiment...

Hi all!  What a beautiful day here in northern Wyoming!  It's sunny and going into the 60's!

Green Smoothies...
I just washed up my greens from the hoop house!  Yummy!  They will be going into my lunchtime green (mostly fruit...) smoothie shake!

Oh... I have some veggie wash samples left!  Let me know if you'd like one... see my side bar on the right --->

The Great Hoop House Experiment...
Some of my plants are experiencing a bit of shock from being transplanted yesterday... but I think that they'll be OK.

It got to 26.5 degrees at the top of my hoop house during the night.. burr...  so to get a better understanding of the temperature at plant level (which must be warmer!), I lowered my wireless temperature thingy closer to the plants.

Will be interesting to see the temperature low for tonight!

It's a beautiful sunny Fall day here in Wyoming!  So I've opened up the hoop house for some fresh air and sunshine.

WANTED... YOUR OLD WINDOWS... for my Cold Frames!
I'm still hoping to get a donation of some used windows so that I can make some cold frames (thanks Sue in northern Michigan for the inspiration!!!!  Sue gets 5 months of gardening in by extending her season with cold frames!)  I'm going to post a WINDOWS WANTED sign in our Post Office today.


  1. Nice job on the hoop house. How great that you got a harvest from it. Awesome! I'm been scouring our area for window donations also. I want to build a cold frame too!

  2. I hope the temperature at soil level is a bit warmer in the hoop-house. If you can't find used windows, would making another hoop-house do, or is the effect of a cold frame different than that of a hoop-house?

  3. I just love green smoothies. They make me feel sorta like Popeye.

  4. When I replaced the windows at my old house I figured someone would want them, but I never got any takers.

  5. I'm getting such a kick out of your hoop house experiment!
    Best of luck on finding what works best-
    I find the greens don't seem to mind the frigid temps---they recuperate pretty good during the day. I filled gallon milk jugs last spring and that seemed to keep stuff from freezing. We'll get this figured out!

  6. great post. how much difficulty is it to maintained a hoop house? How assessable is it to get the food?



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