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Friday, October 15, 2010

Hoop house experiment 10/15/10... day 5-Sprouts!

The little Hoop House over my 4x4 SFG box!
Hi all!  I'm just back in from the Hoop House!

Here I am in northern Wyoming attempting to keep growing stuff as the weather turns...

The big news is that.... I have sprouts in my micro green pots!!!

I'm growing some micro greens in the hoop house.  Gosh I just planted them on Monday... and some of them are already sprouting!  I'm very encouraged to see those little sprouts!
radish sprouts day 5

sunflower sprouts day 5

I'll be harvesting these little sprouts when they're about 2 inches or so tall.

Temperature report from inside the Hoop House:
Low: 34.5
High: 99.5

It's been a bit milder the past couple nights with lows just above freezing and afternoons in the 60s.

My greens that were transplanted on Monday look so much happier today!  They've perked up and look healthy again.

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Cold Frame update...
Posted a sign at the post office the other day...
Wanted... Your Old Windows... the ones taking up room in your garage... No Calls yet..


  1. Exciting!!
    Watch those temps during the day.....
    Is there any way to vent it during sunny weather?

  2. Hi Sue! I'm surprised how warm it can get in there! Yes, I can vent it. All I have to do is lift up the plastic.

  3. Sue, I was over to your blog and wanted to leave you a comment on the beautiful work you've done on your place... but it looks like you don't allow comments on your blog.

    What a beautiful place you have!


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