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Saturday, October 9, 2010

The End... almost...

I've been cleaning out my boxes.  Just a few tomato plants left to pull up!

I have lots of ripening tomatoes on my counter and in buckets.  It doesn't take them too long to ripen up!  Made a sauce yesterday... I'm thinking of using some of it to make a lasagna today!  The rest will be canned or frozen.

I've got a bunch of cherry tomatoes that I'm going to dry using my dehydrator.

It's looking so like fall not only in my garden... but all around!  Leaves are changing here in northern Wyoming and beginning to fall.  Our great Cottonwood trees with their rough bark and huge trunks are turning flaming yellow.  Very pretty!

I'm grateful for the greens that are still alive in my garden!  I've got spinach, swiss chard, arugula, and beet greens that I can harvest a little each day.  I like to add these wonderfully nutritious greens to my morning fruit smoothie!

Next year I want to plant more greens.   Maybe even try something new!

I just got in some more (Shaklee Basic-H2) Veggie Wash samples.  Would you like one?
See the details in the right column  over there ----->.

I use this organic "green" cleaner to wash up my produce from the garden, grocery store and bountiful basket co-op.   Also, I use it to wash my floor, my appliances, walls, truck... even my dog Missy!  I love this stuff!  Been using it for 13 years now!

Sigh... and now to dream of my 2011 garden!


  1. Yep, it's that time of year. The only things in my garden are broccoli, chard, spinach, and lettuce. I'd love to try that cleaner, but there's no way my wife would let me use it. (She's funny like that)

  2. EG, how much longer before your first frost? Oh...darn... that's too bad about your wife not letting you use that green cleaner sample! It's pretty awesome stuff!

  3. Hunker down for that winter, Toni. Have you ever thought about covers to extemd your season?

  4. Ribbit, covers sound really good... I'll get there... eventually!
    When does it frost there Ribbit?

  5. We had a few nights in the mid 20's last week and that finished off everything that wasn't under the cold frames. I've gotten most of my beds already "put to sleep" with mulch. You really have to try cold frames. I was skeptical at first, but can't imagine living without them now. They extended my growing season from 85 days to a FULL five months now. Please give it a try-start with an old storm window-it won't cost you anything. You'll be hooked, I guarantee it!

  6. Hi Sue. Wow... you've got 5 full months of growing season in northern Michigan.. using cold frames? Wowowowowo!! I want to try it! Do you have any pictures on your blog of your cold frames?

    I so want to grow some greens for the winter!

  7. Hi again Toni
    I don't have any photos on there--but all I do is cover the raised bed with a storm window--and if it's REALLY getting cold, I throw an old rug on top of it also. Nothing fancy, but it works. If your frames are filled to the top, have dear hubby build you an extra frame to set on top of the frame you want to use--so that it's double height.
    Have fun!!
    I've got lettuce, kohlrabi's, spinach, and radishes growing like mad right now....and I'll be sure to post next March when I start up for the spring (2 months early!!)


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